iDRAC RAC0218 Error with web GUI and racreset

The RAC0218 is a pretty well known firmware bug with the iDRACs – or at least it will be once you own a few iDRAC7 equipped servers. Some of the errors may include:

Upon attempting to login to the web gui:

RAC0218: The maximum number of user sessions is reached

Or attempting to get info or racreset with racadm:

racadm racreset
ERROR: Unable to perform requested operation

I’ve gotten this to resolve by pressing and holding the blue (i) button on the front of the server, but we don’t always have people onsite to perform this action. So how can you reset via SSH to the host?

I decided to take a stab at this using ipmitool via SSH to the host with the iDRAC problems. First, you’ll need to install ipmitool:

sudo yum|apt-get install ipmitool

Next, we need to load the ipmi kernel module to discover the ipmi0 device in /dev so we can use ipmitool on the local iDRAC. Make sure the ipmi device shows up after too.

sudo modprobe ipmi_devintf
[[email protected] ~]#  sudo ls -alh /dev/ | grep ipmi
crw-rw----.  1 root root    247,   0 Sep 23 11:02 ipmi0

Now (hopefully), you should be able to issue a cold reset to the iDRAC – NOTE that a ‘reset warm’ will not work, it has to be cold.

[[email protected] ~]# sudo ipmitool mc reset cold
Sent cold reset command to MC

The reset takes a few minutes, and upon completion you should be able to login.

Some preventative measures you may want to take:

  • Upgrade the firmware – apparently this was fixed in 1.56.55. Here’s the latest version.
  • Regularly reboot your iDRACs (at least every other week) – not ideal at all but if you have a server with racadm installed you can script it easily

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